Fund Raisers

Hello Fundraising Planning Committee,

I would like to introduce myself and my company to you. I am the owner, operator, and fundraising event producer for VIP Casino Events. We are a local Ohio based casino event planning company, managing, and performing many successful casino (and other types) fundraiser events. Most recently, we have assisted DeSales High School for the past 4 years with their fundraiser event that has been able to consistently earn well over $25,000 (profit) for their cause with over 400 guests in attendance. Additionally, due to our track record of assisting in producing successful and profitable fundraisers, we will be working MANY OTHERS! We have worked with many other schools and non-profit organizations to achieve and exceed their fundraising goals. This is due to having services that are very unique in this market and are consistently producing successful fundraisers due to the following that we include in every package we custom design:

  1. ROI (Return on investment) plan: This outlines your hard costs as well as identifies all of your fundraising opportunities to assist in goal setting and committee projects

 DOWNLOAD an example for YOUR GROUP and fill in your number goals to get an idea of what your net fundraising revenue will be!

  1. Logistic Planning: This identifies most operational projects as they relate to our service package offering, including a floor plan for tables and auctions
  2. Provide Unique Sponsorship Opportunities: We have some unique and exclusive entertainment options that offer some very unique ways for sponsors to gain exposure with your guests in an entertaining way: For example:
  • Custom Designed Game shows: Allows custom text, pictures, and video to be used in game sets and these can be “sold” to sponsors. Additionally, in between sets/games a 15-30 second commercial can be “sold” to sponsors!
  • Video “Night at the Races”: These are actual horse and dog races that have been run that can be bet on by guests. In a race program, you can “sell” race sponsorships advertising and again do 15-30 second commercial spots between races!
  • Green Screen Experience: This takes the photo booth to the next level! We can custom design backgrounds to fit your theme and add your sponsors branding. Every guest will get the opportunity to choose their own background to capture their memories of your event with a picture momento that they can take home with them (along with your sponsors ad!)
  1. VIP Experiences: We have the best, most experienced, and interactive dealers in the business. Some of our dealers have dealt in Las Vegas, Atlatic City, and at Hollywood Casinos! We are the only casino event group that provides “hosts” and “PDM” (professional dealer managers) to ensure all guests are enjoying their casino experience with us!
  2. More than Casino Events: We offer MUCH MORE than just casino events to meet your event vision in a variety of entertainment options, from Dj’s to live bands, to festival games/inflatables to murder mystery dinners, to whatever you can imagination.

With all of this in mind, I would suggest that we schedule an initial complementary consultation to listen to your vision of your ideal fundraising event and review the full scope of our services to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Please let me know when you are planning your next fundraising event planning meeting and I can plan to attend.

I look forward to meeting/talking with you and assisting you to make your vision of your event a perfect reality!

Thank You for your consideration,

John Wilburn
Event Producer
VIP Casino Events
VIP Events Management
Fiesta Sounds