If your goal is planning a “SAFE” event during our “Corona Era” or if you would like to open up your market to include attendees and Sponsors all across the United States without incurring immense travel, rentals, lodging, and food costs, this is definitely your best option! 



•  Planning: Assist in identifying your goals and objectives for your virtual experience and selecting the best options

• Logistic Details: “How it all will work”, this is what your gusts will actually experience, from LIVE STREAMING of your LIVE EVENT or speakers, to video production for your brand, to the basics of invites, registration, communication, logins, tracking, banking, event follow up, etc.

• Sponsorship Opportunities: We will assist with maximizing your online fundraising opportunities, with online auctions, and entertainment/game branding, etc.

• Event Management: We can assist you with the management of all aspects of your virtual event on your event date

Pricing for this is fully custom, based on your needs, and the actual time that you will need our staff to assist you, priced per hour as Virtual Event Consulting starting at: $75 per hour. If you are working us to provide a VIP Virtual Entertainment experience we will include FOR FREE at least suggestions/direction for each of these aspects


  • Online Poker Tournaments:(10 player minimum) This is the easiest and least expensive option to implement!

How it works: 

  • Reserve us as your Event/Tournament management group: simple agreement to pay us a $20 “seat fee” per player. You collect and control the funds for players, and pay us directly for the seat fees on the event day.
  • We set up and schedule a private online poker tournament branded with your group and/or with your main event sponsor with a link that can be sent to your players to “check in”
  • The player can select a player name and a virtual “avatar” to play with
  • We will manage the tournament during play
  • For all events other than non-profit fundraisers, you can give all players entries to win real prizes or virtual bragging right prizes (we can discuss in more detail during our initial consultation)

FOR 501C3 NON-Profit Groups:

  • We will let you know who the winners are and their appropriate payouts

Example: 50 players buy in for: $100-VIP$20 seat fee: $80 POOL: $40 goes into player pool to be able to win, and you keep $40 for your group. In this example, your group will raise: $2,000! Its that simple

  • Custom Designed Gameshows: This option has the most flexibility for customization! We can match any theme for any event! Players will play with their smartphones and laptops/tablets.
    VIP Pricing is $19 per player/device (20 player minimum fee)
  • Night at the Races: This option can be identical to LIVE events with horse naming rights and multiple races. For non-profit fundraiser’s, you will need to be able to set up a payment portal for your players.
     VIP Pricing is $19 per player/device (40 player minimum fee)

LIVE Entertainers: We can reserve LIVE entertainers to entertain your group virtual during your event!

* These can be DJ’s, Bands, Impersonators, Magicians, Comedians, etc. (VIP Pricing starts at: $250 per hour)

For additional information, request a custom quote, or to reserve your next virtual event, CONTACT US

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